Diggs Duke- Two Tales....WRAPPPEDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The shoot is wrapped, footage edited and approved by the man himself, Brownswood Recording artist, Diggs Duke. Another video, another learning experience and more growth.  A much more elaborate concept, bigger budget, and an artist who i uncompromising in the quality of visual that he allows to represent his art.  Def a lesson in artistic cooperation. As usual my crew stepped up and carried out the vision.. Tireless and on point. Preciate' you guys.

Special Thanks to: Mihn@The Bun Shop, Dale, Margaret, and Frances

The video will be released in Late January. In the meantime checkout the dope BTS shots by Leo Wilson:

THI x NocC Style Promo #2(...a star is born...)

When Trish and I first met Sam we really didnt know what to make of her.  We knew she was pretty, long and lean, and had crazy potential but with her happy and chill demeanor, we really didn't know if she could pull off the "FIERCE" vibe that Trish had in mind for this project.  DUDE. We were wrong to worry. Sam killed this shit. The eyes.. The lips.. the legs.. she did that. Shit.. Errybody did.. Trish killed with the gear, the hair was ill and the Make-up was that perfect glossy look that Trish and I have been pining for, for some time.. Check out the video and BTS footage below.    

Shout out to Steve the Wonderful or Bmorexposed Photography for the killer BTS shots.

                                                                                                 Make-Up by: Melinda @alwysbeautiful||Hair by: Brandi C.



Trish Harper x NocturnalCharm Media Fashion Thingy

Over the past year or so i've developed a cool colleague and homie, Trish Harper. We collaborate on most things creative and have done a couple projects together, some of which are featured in the portraiture section of this very site.  We got together this weekend to film the first of a series of fashion videos featuring her styling skills.   The location was this crazy rotted out old church house that looked like some real Blair Witch shit!lol

The model, Julia HAS to get props for being a trooper.  The spot was back up in the woods, was incredibly spooky as hell, and we were setting off smoke bombs while she trotted around in 4in heels..lol.  She (and a very preggo, Trish} hung in there tho and for that i appreciate em both. I think we created sumthin SUPA dope!

Here's a few bonus stills from the shoot too!

Waiting on returns x Video no.2

Whew.. So i finally got the go ahead to release the video to the masses.. If i was anxious before, im down right PARANOID now.  Its been sent to media outlets who will prayerfully post it for all the world to see.  NERVESSSSSS.. Pray for me, yo..

While i bite off every finger nail i have, im in the process of suring up the script, finalizing the cast and securing locations/permits for the next joint.  While i certainly feel more confident going into this next one, im pretty damn sure that i'll be in this same position of freaking out 2 months from now. So crazy that 2-3 months of planning is required to produce a 4-5 minute piece of video.. crazy.


.........its really all i wanna do.