Makings of You- An Homage by Nicholas Ryan Gant

So.... not to take to try and take too much credit for this but... I've been after Nic to record this classic track since the first day we met. WWAYYYYY back in 2012.  He'd come to DC to perform at a Gypsy Soul event in the city and before hand we got familiar with each other during a makeshift photoshoot at my cramped ass apt. Anyways.. later on at the show, he opened with an acapella of this track and i(as well as the rest of Teavolve)  was blown away by his soaring rendition.  EVER since that night ive been buggin him to record it.  Between now and then he's done a couple live performances of the song that made thier way to Youtube. But with all the other projects that he has going on,  i really assumed it was the furthest thing from his mind.  That was until about a month ago, i got a call from NRG asking about not only recording the track but asking me to help with a visual for it. I JUMPED at the chance. With time and money restraints we kept it as simple and clean as possible. I think we made something cool.