FIRSTS-The BOOMSCAT- Hands Video Shoot.

Any and everyone who knows me.. like REALLY knows me.. Knows that as much as i LOVE photography and stills,  my heart has ALWAYS TRULY been in cinematography.  From as far back as high school I dreamed about directing music video and short films along side some of my fave artists.. A Tribe Called Quest, Puff, Todd Solondz, Wes Anderson, Anita Baker, and whatever else i was into at the time..  I studied TV production in high school as well in preparation for what i thought would be the beginning of a 4-5 year stretch of technical education that'd soon after thrust me into the entertainment industry.  As is often the case in life things didn't quite go as planned and instead of a 5 year track.. i took the 15 year course full of lessons, encounters, experiences, ups and downs that've been more valuable than I ever could've imagined.  I guess what im saying is.. Shit works out.  

So stepping down from the soapbox.. This post is REALLY about "HANDS", The music video that i recently shot for DC based soul duo BoomSCAT.  The whole project began with a chance meeting at Gypsy Soul Ear Candy here in Baltimore.  I was asked to create the flyer for a group named BoomSCAT.  A group that i'd NEVER heard of, with a name that i didn't even understand. All i knew was to be there to take a couple of performance shots of the event for GS.  Its funny how much of impression live musicianship can have on people.. Because by nights end, i was basically bum-rushing them both with my card and info trying to get a meeting to discuss working together. They stole the show that night from the headliner with tracks from their West Wing project(   A couple of email exchanges.. 2 meetings, several headaches, and 3 months later and we created something that in my humble opinion can only be described as beautiful.. We just wanted to showcase love. I think we did that.  

Extra thanks to my dope ass crew, my amazingly talented models, and Atomic Canary Studios for allowing us to use their space..

Pics by The dope, Leo Wilson  and Criss Massie